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Martin Dokoupil

„Connecting people and ideas.“

I like working in the young and dynamic markets assisting emerging companies with their start-ups and forecasting and shaping the next market development phases. The substantial experience I have gained during the last eight years through working as a strategic consultant in several companies has enabled me to broaden both personal attitudes and professional horizons turning a number of my clients into my true friends.

I have genes of a passionate cross country runner and skier and and I am avid yoga enthusiast and BIO food fan.


Jaroslav Kuchař

„For a ship which sails for no port, no wind can be favourable.“

I like challenges. I like assisting companies with finding unique, inalienable and successful strategies no matter what market or company development stage they are passing through. Each company and each situation is unique; to reach the goal, different methods and procedures have to be used. I love sharing those strong "Yes!" or "Pull together" moments with my clients and watching successful companies and brands following the direction I once helped to set.

I have genes of a teacher, mathematician and a sportsman. I like meeting inspiring people with new perspectives to share


Roman Řípa

„Complex things deserve clear structure.“

When developing corporate strategies and implementing them in the company marketing, sales and customer services, I care for delivering a customer oriented approach. My special area of interest is finding action perspectives and views on the internal and external customer data perspectives that clearly show, who the customers are, how they act; perspectives that reveal and quantify the business opportunities and give a clear guidance on how to take advantage of such opportunities. I have a passion for various mind maps - the favourite tool I use to structure complex problems in a clear and simple way.

I love my family, friends, books, mountains above 3000 meters and as Google Arts & Culture heavy user whatever gallery in a world.


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